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Kaps med merket "Ukrenkelig ytringsfrihet" forteller hvor du stiller deg når det kommer til menneskerettighets-bruddene som øker i omfang i henhold til brudd på ytringsfriheten i Norge. De kan ikke - det vil se; de har ikke lov til å frata oss ytringsfriheten igjennom bla.a. såkallte "hat-paragrafer". Ved å bruke denne kapsen så gir du et tydelig budskap til

omverdenen - og til politikerene.

Ikke la gnisten sluktne.


Pris: 460 kr

Ukrenkelig ytringsfrihet - Caps

This caps has the brand "Ukrenkelig ytringsfrihet", and is the norwegian vertion of the brand "My Freedom of Speech will not be censured". It shows your stands in reguards to the human-rights breaches when it comes to freedom of speech, wich are becomeing more and more regulare these days, includeing in Norway. Despite this, they are simply not allowed to deny us our freedom of speech via socalled "hate-speech laws". By useing this caps you give a clear signal to the world - and the politicians.

Dont let the spark die.

Price: 53.27 $ / 47.15 €

MY Freedom of Speech will not be censured - Caps

This is the english, or internatinal caps wich showes your stands on freedom of speech. This fundamental human-rigth is under an serious and dangerous preashure in many countries, and to preserve, protect and prommote freedom of speech is something you should never be afraid to do in a free country.

Preserve your human-rigth, and show your stands on the mather, and spread the word with this caps.

Price: 53.27 $ / 47.15 €

HeterO fil - Caps

Today, there is alot of focus on being gay and on homosexual's rigths, and thats grate. But it is impoartant to not forget that it is still okay to be heterosexual. And that's what the Norwegian brand "HeterO fil" wish to point out. Show your sexuality with pride.

Price: 53.27 $ / 47.15 €

Accept my heterosexuality - Caps

This is the english vertion of the brand "HeterO fil", and gives the same message: respect my sexuality

Price: 53.27 $ / 47.15 €

Rett til å hate - Caps

This brand gives an message to the postmodernistics and philosophy of "hate-speech", wich stands in sharp contrast to our founding-right and human-right of freedom of speech.

Show your opinion: you got the right to hate!

Price: 53.27 $ / 47.15 €

Jeg kan selvforsvar - Caps

This brand is the Norwegian vertion of the brand "I know selfdefense", with the same message - and punch, if you will. With this brand you tell your souroundings that you are not an esey pray. Walk with raised confidense, but its recomended to really know selfdefense as well when wearing this brand, to make it an legit warning.

Price: 53.27 $ / 47.15 €

I know selfdefense - Caps

 This is the english vertion of the brand "Jeg kan selvforsvar", with the same message. Show that you are not just an esey pray. Its recomended to really know selfdefense when wearing this brand, to make it an legit warning.

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